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17:11  12 october  2021
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Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, with more than 300 million active customers worldwide. Amazon has changed how people buy and consume goods. For many consumers, Amazon has become the main way they shop for everything from books to toothpaste to groceries to clothes. And if you're an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to sell your products on Amazon's platform, this guide will provide some helpful tips and tricks on how to sell conveniently.

Optimize Product Details for Search

Amazon selling is all about how well your product ranks in search. If you don't rank, it doesn't matter what price you offer or how many items you have for sale; no one will find your products on Amazon. So the first step to selling successfully on Amazon is optimizing your product details page for best results.

You can do that by making sure that your title contains the most important keywords related to your product. Then, for each of these keywords, you can add a bullet list underneath called "Frequently Bought Together." This section offers up popular complementary items that customers who searched for your product will likely also want to purchase.

If someone searches Amazon looking for a paper shredder, they're probably also going to look for some shredder blades. Include these in the "Frequently Bought Together" section of your product page to entice people into buying both together.

Use Competitive Pricing

While listing your product for sale on Amazon, another important step is to use competitive pricing. By undercutting the competition's price, you increase the likelihood that customers will purchase your products instead of looking for a better deal elsewhere.

Competitive pricing doesn't mean that you should set prices ridiculously low; it just means that they shouldn't be higher than those of the competition. There are several Amazon selling communities that can help with this when you visit their website. Make sure you're setting your prices at a competitive rate by using Amazon's online tool, which is free to use and highly recommended.

Take Professional Product Images

Most Amazon customers will base their purchasing decision on the product images. If your photos are unprofessional or outdated, they won't convince consumers to click "Add to Cart." But professional-looking photos can increase conversions by up to 20%.

All modern smartphones take high-quality pictures that you can upload directly into Amazon. Or you can hire a professional photographer to take high-quality pictures of your product. Be sure to fill the frame with only your product and have a solid background, so it doesn't blend in or distract from your product.

Include some pictures that show your product from a number of angles. Also include pictures that display your product in use. These images can provide a lot of information to customers who want to know how it will look when they buy and use it.

Leverage Product Reviews to Your Advantage

One of the biggest things you can do to make your product stand out is getting positive, professional reviews. The more reviews you have, the more likely customers are to trust your brand and purchase your products, from laptops to e-books. There are several ways that you can go about asking people for reviews, but in general, it's best not to do it until after they've purchased and received their items.

You can send them a survey, asking them to leave a review if they're satisfied with the product. Be sure to provide different timeframes in which you'll be sending out these requests (such as weeks or months after purchase) so that it doesn't seem like you're encouraging false reviews.

The Amazon selling tips and tricks mentioned above can help you sell on the platform more conveniently. With a few changes to your product details page, competitive pricing, professional-looking photos of products, and reviews from satisfied customers - it will be easier than ever for potential customers to find what they're looking for on Amazon.

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Amazon Selling Tips and Tricks From the Pros
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